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During last few years the career in Beautician has acquired much popularity and has spread its root all over the world. In the past 20th century many national / international beauty competitions was held all over the world. Consequently the demand for beauty professionals who could help beauty conscious people to gain good look has increased.


For becoming a beautician one should have a quality of good judgment, friendly nature, patience, scrupulous work habits and good fitness. There are so many career options in this profession which includes some specialisation area of work such as hair cutting and styling, skin treatments, hair treatments, cosmetology, make up of Drama/Film/TV performers etc.

As a Beauty Therapist one can start the career. Beauty therapy is the another specialised area of work in the field of beauticians. Beauty therapist plays a vital role in their concerned areas. Facials threading, skin treatments manicuring and pedicuring, massages, treatment for face, skin and hair all are involves in the profession of Beauty Therapist.

Beauty consultant / advice is also an another option in this field. It has a lot of scope in marketing area because the marketing of the cosmetic products need beauticians who can guide buyer to identify the hair or skin types and give them proper guidance.

Apart from this, one can start their own business or work with cosmetic firms as sales consultant, in beauty parlours, hotels, film industries etc.


Rather than high academic support, this profession requires highly skill training. Normally the beautician courses are of short duration and training can pursue after standard Xth or XIIth.