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Coast Guard  


Every country has an exclusive economic zone in seas extending to 200 miles from their coasts. So it needs some kind of force to check the smuggling, infiltration, misuse of its resources by foreigners. With this objective in mind, Indian coast guard, a paramilitary force was set up in 1978's under ministry of defence. Its function includes:

  • Safety and protection of artificial stands, off share terminals, structure and devices in zone.
  • Protection of fishermen.
  • Preserve and protect
  • Enforcing provisions of legislations pertaining to
  • Providing measures for safety of life and property at sea.

There are following operational branches:
(1) General duty branch: Their responsibility is to ensure the safety of ship and men, efficient operation of ship. They operate weapons and sensors and perform command function.
(2) Pilot/ navigator branch: they operate in shore air stations to patrol the exclusive economic zones
(3) Engineering branch: Engineers are responsible for keeping the m/c, equipments in good working conditions. They work in Coast Guard Repair Organization.
(4) Electrical branch: A ship has its own mini generation and distribution system, complex radio communication equipments, radars etc. Electrical Engineers are responsible for the efficient working for these systems.

Astt.Commandant (Gen.Duty)
Educational Requirements: Degree with Physics and Mathematics
Age limit: 21-25 years
Physical Requirements: Height: 157cms (min.)
Weight: 45 kgs to 91 kgs

Astt.Commandant (Tech.Branch)
Educational Requirements: Degree in Naval Architecture/Marine/Electronics/Design/
Production/Control/Electrical/Telecommunications/Aeronautical or
Equivalent qualification in any of the above mentioned disciplines.
Age limit: 21-30 years
Physical Requirements: Height: 157cms
Weight: Proportional to height ±10%is acceptable.

Astt.Commandant (Gen.Duty-Pilot/Navigator)
Educational Requirements: B.Sc with Physics and Mathematics, Direct Commercial Pilot
License Holder
Age limit: 19-27 years
Physical Requirements: Height: 162cms to 197cms
Weight: 45 kgs to 91 kgs Proportionate to Height

Selection to various cadres of Coast Guard is made every year in January and June. Forms are filled 6 months in advance. Examinations are conducted in two phases.
Phase1-Preliminary selection board tests applicants in G.K. and I.Q. at Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and
Port Blair.
Phase2-The examination is a test of Science, I.Q., G.K. This is followed by Interviews and Medical

Address for further reference
Director(Training) Recruitment Cell, Coast Guard Headquarters, National Stadium Complex,Purana Quila Road, New Delhi