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Intelligence Services  


Intelligence Services took birth in 1861 with the objective of collection, Assimilation and Analysis of information. Intelligence Services for can be divided into three broad categories.
(1) Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI): It was established in 1914 and its basic role is to investigate the cause of corruption in all government departments or elsewhere. They also investigate the crimes on high seas, professional crimes and economic offences. CBI has 2 departments namely Anticorruption and Special crimes.

(2) Investigation bureau (IB):
Its function is to analyse the available information. It has 2 categories of services
Class 1: Astt. Director - Deputy Director - Joint Director - Special Director. These officers are recruited directly from State Police Services, Indian Police Services (IPS), and Defence Personnel.
Class 2: These are recruited by IB.
Security Astt. - JIO - ACIO

(3) Research And Analysis Wing (RAW): Its function is to be engaged in research and analysis of news, it is expected to offset the intelligence offences of the other countries against our country.

Discipline, Good Physical Fitness, Mental Fitness, Mentally Alert, Analytical Mind, Courage and a High Intellect are required.


(1) DSP: Recruited by UPSC through an All India Exam.
Hierarchy: DSP- SP-DIG - IG (8 Posts)
(2) Direct Recruitment: For the post of SI, APP, SPP. These are appointed through SSC.
Training: Selected officers are trained at Police Academy, Ghaziabad and Lok Nayak
Bhawan, New Delhi.

Direct Recruitment: Deputy field officers are appointed at junior levels.
Senior level recruitment: Campus Recruitments of Civil Services candidates and recruitment of University graduates.
Specialists Appointments: Campus placements at Technical Institutes.