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Photography is an artistic means of presenting things which are best expressed visually. Sometime back the idea of being a professional photographer might not have sounded very appealing. But with the upsurge of mass communication and media photography has become an important part of communication. If you have visual imagination, aesthetic sense, an eye for detail and composition and creativity then you should better opt for a course & career in photography.


Photographers specialize in different fields and therefore there are plenty of opportunities in this field. The various specialization options are tabletop, portrait, food, news (press photography), industrial photography, nature, wildlife, sports and fashion or ad photography. The job of a photographer is a well-paid one. You can either do freelancing work or work for private newspapers, magazines or ad agencies. There are certain jobs available in the government section also.


Photography is one field where educational qualification doesn't actually matter. All one requires is an observant and keen eye for details. The artistic sensitivity is a must. And the more one practices the better his skills get. Some kind of training is required to get an idea of the basic know-how of photography. The courses in photography are offered in many schools at 10+2 level. 'Those who have cleared the photography exam in the 12th boards are eligible for a diploma / certificate course in photography. Photography is also a subject taught for the Applied Art/ Commercial Art degree programmes. There are many short term courses also which last for three to six months.