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 Nutrition & Dietitics

Nutrition & Dietitics



Dietetic Technician

The dietetic technician works as a member of the food service or health team under the supervision or in consultation with a dietitian. As a team member, a dietetic technician supports the work of dietitians and other health care professionals to improve people's health. They interview people about their eating habits and teach them the importance of nutrition, and they supervise those who prepare and serve food.

A dietetic technician's responsibilities often include:

  • Taking diet histories
  • Screening patients for nutritional status
  • Performing diet calculations
  • Supervising support staff
  • Handling food purchasing and inventory records
  • Using computer systems to calculate payroll, record laboratory data, verify diet orders, or adjust recipes
  • Monitoring food quality and patient acceptance
  • Providing diet counseling and education to individuals not at nutritional risk
  • Recommending and writing menus for clients .


A dietician should preferably complete M.Sc (Nutrition).

Preferable fields of graduation are: Microbiology, Chemistry, Home Science, Medicine, Hotel management or catering technology.

Other option is to pursue a 1year PG Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics. Fresh dieticians usually undergo training for 1 year in the F&B department of the hospital.

After 5-10 years of experience, dietitians usually become consultants and run the dietetics department.