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Spatial Design



Spatial design includes interior and exterior design. Nowadays people hire professionals to design farm houses, restaurants, homes, offices, shopping complexes etc. Spatial designer are in great demand because of growing consciousness for style and decor. They are not only creative but technically sound professionals who work as a part of a team which includes architects, furnishers, craft designers etc. They plan the entire structure of homes, offices in such a way that along with style their planning does not ignore the practical aspects involved like proper ventilation , drainage system, water supply , safety etc. Interior designers have to keep in mind the latest schemes, light effects, directions of different rooms etc.

Set Design

Set designers design sets of films, T.V. programmes ( talk shows, serials, plays) and some also work as theatre or stage designer. They are generally guided by Directors of the film or Programmer who explain the entire script and its demands in great details.

Personal Attributes

Interior designer should have an analytical mind and the ability to understand the technicalities involved, the power to imagine, create and even draw your ideas in such a way that they express clearly every single thought. They should also possess excellent communication skills, patients and team spirit.

Employment Opportunities

The best way is to join any established designer as an assistant. Later on designers generally start their own business or work as free lancers.


Apeejay Institute of Design: 54, Tughlakabad Institutional Area, Mehrauli, N.D. - 110062
Indian Institute of Interior Designers: Sulbha Niwas, Pt. J. Purohit Road, Mumbai- 400016
SNDT Womens University: Nathibai Thakersey Road, Mumbai, offers 3 years Course in Interior Design.
School of Interior Design & Institute of Environmental Design: Vallabh Vidya Nagar, Gujarat - 388120, offers 4 years Interior Design Course.
School of Interior design, Centre for Environmental Planning & Technology: University Road, Navrangpur, Ahmedabad - 380009, offers 5 years program in Interior Design. Eligibility : Must have passed 10+2 examination.