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Web Designing/ Web Master


Introduction & Career Path

Do you feel nostalgic for not having been a part of the revolutions of yester-years? Here is your chance to be a part of the Internet revolution, which is changing the way business is being conducted the world over.


Web Designer: A web designer is responsible for creating an appealing web site that is easy to navigate. Web designing requires high level of creative skills and people with both creative and computer friendly skills come at a very high cost to any organisation. Web designing is still in its early stages in India. A good designer has to combine conceptual skills and familiarity with tools, which can be mastered only through sustained practice. This field does offer opportunities to travel abroad and interact with clients.

Web Master: a web master is responsible for maintaining the web page, analyse number of hits and monitor performance of the site. A web master is the pivot of the web site. He is responsible for everything on the site. The web master should have all the skills that the designer, developer and the content person have. He should possess good managerial and communication skills too. It is a highly responsibility job. It is not safe to aim to be the web master at the first shot. First, be a designer or developer, study the aspects of designing and developing and once you have some years of experience, you are fit for the post of a web master.

Web Server Administrator: Similarly a web server administrator is involved in maintaining the site.


Fresh graduates with creative skills can start as designers. Graduates equipped with a diploma/certificate course in Internet technologies can get into this field. Skills required to become a web designer are : -- ASP, HTML, CGI, Perl, VB Script, Java Script, TCP/IP which are taught in the course.

Employment Avenues

Mushrooming of dot com companies provides immense opportunity for these professionals. You can join dot com companies, advertising agencies companies specialising in web designing, ISPs etc.