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What is the Virtual Canteen ?

It is place to let your hair downed try out some humor from our jokes section, download some MP3 software and while you are at it, browse our sections on the latest campus news, articles contributed by other visitors, share your views, check out the latest pics of your favorite movie stars and even chat with them in celebrity chat. If you are in the proper canteen mood and spot some of your friends online then book a table and invite them to join you. Let's not forget the shopping section where you can buy books, music, jeans, t-shirts, flowers, dresses and the like at discounts depending on the cyber cash you have accumulated. If you want to know what the stars foretell for you - go to the horoscopes section, but if you are the real cool guy ask Dronacharya and he will light heartedly give you the coolest answers. What are the search options available on the portal At Educationinfoindia we have provided you with 3 options.

  • If you want a geographic search - go to the state wise search where you click on the India map and then enter the territory you require - view universities in the state and further view the colleges in each University and from there on you can view the actual college information.
  • Another search is the stream wise search - where you can go through the professional stream you are seeking to pursue like Engineering, Management, Medical or others and then look through the states list to the respective colleges offering the same stream of study and from thereon to the college information.
  • The third search we have for you is an interactive query search where you can specify that you want to an Undergraduate or Postgraduate course, The University you prefer, the stream of study and then watch our search engine zoom n on the information you seek.
  • Also another search is available to you through google technologies to help you search content on the web the fastest.

In what ways will Online Counselling help me ?

Online counseling is the core feature which helps a student identify the career path he can follow to achieve his ambition in life. We have attached a lot of importance to this feature and the facilities provided here include the development of career graph for the student visiting our site, Online chat with the counselor, Developing personality including mock interviews, aptitude tests to evaluate yourself. In addition it will hold our regular features like newsletter, career news, career events, etc. Visit this feature to get a complete and correct idea about the career step you wish to take. Our counselor will make sure that the decision you make is a well informed one.

How can the site map help in navigating the site ?

The Site Map holds a complete index of the site with links so that you can directly go through the listing as given in the Site Map and reach your desired information with the minimum of effort. If you know where you want to go - the site map is the correct place to start.

Are all the features working ?

Some features are not working since we are developing a unique portal - one with so many ideas - designed by and for students - unique in the sense that they actually create a campus environment - that it takes time to develop. Unlike many other web portals - we do not believe in going with the crowd - we aim to be different - just like you are - and want to be appreciated by the student body. So bear with us till we do the job for you - visit us again to keep updated of developments - e-mail the counselling@educationinfoindia.com with your suggestions and we will act upon them. We will keep you updated with the latest information meanwhile and don't forget to visit the career news, virtual canteen, career events, career directory sections.