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Embedded technology: Training programs launched to cash in on the wave


Careers in embedded systems technology till recently had very few takers. Today however, a growing number of young professionals are hoping to master a technology that promises to become one of the most profitable businesses within the global marketplace. It is anticipated that the need for professionals in this field will rise tremendously, as the next generation of hardware and software leverages on embedded technology to become more manageable, adaptable, and flexible. As telecom and embedded technologies are still in the evolving stage, this implies that almost the entire embedded sector is in dire need of skilled manpower. Courses are now being introduced in order to meet this requirement.

The embedded system is a combination of computer hardware, software and perhaps additional mechanical or other parts, designed to perform a specific function within a given time frame. To cite just a few examples, embedded software allows your washing machine to choose speed according to the type of cloth, gives thinking power to the microwave, acts like a music conductor in the car engine and pushes rocket launchers into space.

The embedded software has immense scope for those choosing a career in this line due to its wide application and because the technology companies have to increase their range of products for survival. As a result, software companies and the telecommunication and electronics industries are heavily diversifying into it. The embedded software is required for all real-time applications. Almost any embedded system software is developed using a real time operating system (RTOS) because of its user friendliness. The RTOS are better in design and use little time for development.

The global embedded and telecom market today is worth one trillion dollars (Source :Gartner), and will continue to grow at an exponential pace. “We at Micromax Informatics Limited are looking to fill this huge gap by producing and providing skilled project manpower to the global embedded industry,” says Rahul Sharma, Chief Operating Officer, Micromax. At present, there a very few high-end training institutes in the area of embedded technology. Boston Education and Software Technologies Limited (BEST) has entered into an alliance with the Nagpur-based Soft Embedded Technology Private Limited (enSoft). Through this alliance, BEST and enSoft propose to deliver training tools for embedded software services. BEST proposes to launch the course, titled ‘Diploma in Embedded Systems,’ initially on a pilot basis, in its training centres in Mumbai and Pune and then introduce it in all the centres in the country.

“Micromax has taken the initiative in order to provide high-end technical training in embedded technologies to professionals looking for a career in this domain,” says Sharma, adding, “Our Software Excellency Centre (SEC) is focussed on imparting training on domains, which have not yet been explored fully in the South Pacific Asia region, despite holding immense potential and opportunity.” Currently Micromax has four centres — in New Delhi, Noida, Pune and Mumbai.

The course is designed keeping in mind the skill sets required to execute various complex projects on embedded systems and the tools required to achieve such tasks. “This is the first attempt to impart training in embedded systems on world class RTOSs like VxWorks, tornado tools, which is a product from Windriver Inc, USA and holds major market share worldwide. We chose Windriver products, because they have an immense market penetration worldwide and great acceptability,” he says. Further Sharma states, “We see a huge potential for embedded training in India as aspirants can use cutting edge technology to develop embedded solutions”.

Boston offers courses in Open Systems and Embedded Systems. The embedded system course comprises four modules namely Architecture tools, Digital Signal Processing, Data Communication and Networking, and Industry Projects. According to Sangita Khan, Vice President Business Operations, Boston, “The students are given every opportunity to be placed in good companies. In India itself, there are over 2500 companies now working across these embedded systems software arena.”


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