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Question 41- I am a class XIth Commerce student and want to make my career in banking, please guide me? Answer
Question 42- I am interested in doing advertising course after completion of my class XII. Kindly tell me something about it? Answer
Question 43- I am very fascinated by the legal profession thus it would be very kind of you if you could send me detailed information about 5 year integrated course and the names of the institutes? Answer
Question 44- I have done my B.Sc(Home Science) and wish to know what are the future prospects for me? Answer
Question 45 - I am interested in Forensic Sciences, kindly inform me about it? Answer
Question 46 - I am a commerce student and wish to make a career in Chartered Accountancy? Answer
Question 47 - I am interested in making my career in agriculture, please advise me about the institutes, courses and future prospects? Answer
Question 48 - What are the future prospects in Linguistics? Answer
Question 49 - What are the personal qualities required for the armed forces? Answer
Question 50 - Tell me something about Horticulture? Answer

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