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Why do people two-time,cheat, go for flings ?What's the Fallout of breaking someone's heart,.Let alone a strong and steady relationship ?

Its been going on since the time the Garden of Eden was still in the news...people meet, fall in love, and then meet somebody else and get into trouble. Why is teenage frought with this phenomenon of jilted hearts ?

Hear it from them-"When you make somebody trust you, say all kinds of mushy things and then play the field- you are cheating" ,"Impulse... At this age,we get attracted to every other person and then think we are in love.","Girls take guys for a ride all the time.It's just that they are made out to be the saints!", "if I know that the relationship is good and strong ,then I would do anything to save it."

Your first experiences ,your first aspiration -some heartbreaks, some joy and sorrow. We at Educationinfoindia want to know your experiences and share it with others not just for entertainment sake but for learning somehing from it because every individual is experimenting in the subject of life If you have something to say -say it right now.


What is the craziest, whackiest, most insane thing you would like to do ? Run away from home and open a tea-stall in the himalayas ? Boogey on the roads ?? Go around the world on skates ??? What is the new face of Indian youth ? Which way are they going ? What is the reason of the adventure sprit in them ?

Some shake out's experienced by the youth -"I want to live on my own and party all day and all night",

  • "I want to chat all night long...Endlessly!"
  • "I want to whack my ex-school principal! For some Strange reason I,ve always wanted to do that!"
  • "Wear al the funkiest clothes in town and flash myself about!"
  • "Go on a holiday all on my own to Hawaii!'
  • "I want to bunk church on Sunday and sneaak out with my friends and have a bash!"
  • "I love girls, so I wanna be around girls, girls, girls !"
  • "Leave school right now and start working at Pizza Hut!"
  • "Jump from the highest building on the earth and see if I can fly!"
  • "I want to lock myself in a soundproff room and listen to my fave music-all my life!"
  • "To come and watch a movie at PVR without waering any clothes and create a big scandal!"
  • "I would love to bunk school and go to a disc!"
  • "Sneak into a girls Loo I've never been there!"
  • "I would like to marry Aamir Khan, Brett lee and David Beckham!" "Get back at all my teachers!"
  • "I want to go out with a different guy everyday!"
  • "Make lots and lots of boyfriends!"
  • "Bungee jump from the roof of my School!"
  • "I want to buy out Benetton and spend 24/7 at a disc with my pals!"
  • "I'd like to leave this country with all my friends and have a good, chill-out holiday!"
  • "I,d like to make all studies vanish into thin air!"

We at Educationinfoindia want to know your one liners that are your wildest dreams yet fascinating .Win prizes on the best ones If you have something to say -say it right now.

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