Q1. What are the personal qualities required for the armed forces ?
A1.Armed forces not only include combat forces but also include supporting forces such as doctors, nurses, engineers, accountants, logistic experts, legal experts, administrative staff etc. For joining the combat forces one must be physically and mentally fit, possess an ability to endure harsh conditions, have perseverance, dedication, discipline and must put the nation above anything else. Combat forces often have to spend long periods of time away from their families. For the supporting forces also the same characteristics are applicable but they do not have to participate in actual combat. A career in the Armed Forces holds promise of honour, glory, privileged life style and a high standing in society. The three branches of the Armed Forces, the Army, Navy and Air Force, work in perfect co-ordination, complementing each other's work to defend the country's integrity. The nature of work in the Armed Forces is diverse and covers a wide range of disciplines such as physics, mathematics, electronics, law, economics, and education. The Armed Forces is divided into three main branches: The Army The Navy The Air Force



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