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1. At half past five, you are:

Out of your workplace.
Still at your desk and finishing your task.
Asking the boss if there's any last thing you need to do.

2. Your watch has broken. You:

Hardly notice because you hardly ever wear it.
Use your spare watch and give this one for mending.
Rely on asking people what the time is.

3. When you have an appointment, you are:

Always on time - you always allow for traffic jams or cancelled trains.
Usually on time. If you're late, it is only because you have been held up by someone or something beyond your control.
Usually late, but it's never your fault. Something always happens to delay you.

4. If a member of your staff is a few minutes late for work, you:

Don't notice. They will probably make up the time anyway.
Demand an explanation immediately and tell them it better not happen again.
Say nothing, but make a mental note in case they make a habit of it.

5. When you are cooking, you:

Keep an eye on the watch and check when you think the food ought to be ready.
Occasionally forget and burn the meal.
Never burn any thing - you always use a timer which rings when the food is ready.

6. Do you plan your day so that your tasks are well spaced out?

Yes, everything is planned down to the last minute or there would not be enough time to fit everything in.
You try to leave some time between appoinments.
No, you don't plan your day - everyday is a new adventure!

7. If your boss asks you to stay behind to finish an urgent task, you:

Do it and say nothing, but decide you'll ask for an extra lunch hour the next day to make up for working late.
Do it willingly.
Do it - but complain that the boss should have given it to you earlier.

8. You are out shopping and bump into an old friend. You:

Suggest you find a coffe shop and sit down for a chat.
Stand and talk for a few minutes.
Say 'hello', and promise to phone him/her and catch up on the latest happenings in his/her life.

9. You are kept waiting at a doctors clinic. You:

Ask the receptionist what has caused the delay and how long you are likely to have to wait.
Don't notice. You are engrossed in reading a magazine.
Complain loudly and make sure that the receptionist knows you have got better things to do than sit there all day.

10. You have invited friends to dinner and they are already half an hour late, so you:

Ring them up and find much out why they have been delayed so much.
Turn down the oven and hope they wont be too much longer.
Breathe a sigh of relief; you were runnning late, anyway.

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