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1. Your neighbour injures her leg and has to go to the hospital. You:

Offer to accompany her and wait with her.
Say, "I'll accompany you till there, but I can't stay with you."
Pretend you have an urgent appointment, but offer to get her a taxi.

2. Your partner is tired and asks you to change the light bulbs in the bedroom. You:

Refuse, because you are tired and that is not your job.
Agree, because these things don't crop up very often.
Agree reluctantly, but grumble constantly.

3. Your friend wants to borrow your expensive new leather bag for an interview. You:

Give it willingly as you know that your friend has had a hard time with being unemployed.
Say, "I am sorry, I never lend my personal things!"
Offer to lend another bag.

4. A nervous young waiter splashes some gravy on your clothes. You:

Accept his apologies as he seems excruciatingly embarrassed.
Accuse him of clumsiness and demand to see the manager.
Curtly admonish him to be more careful in the future.

5. Your boss asks you to work late on the night on the night you're all set to go to a dinner party. You:

Agree to stay because you don't often do overtime.
Explain why you can't stay.
Offer to stay, but only till 7.30pm.

6. An elderly, unpopular neighbour becomes housebound and has few visitors. You:

Visit her occasionally to ask if she needs any shopping done.
Visit her often to chat, take her food and offer to do any errands.
Never call because she should have a support system of her own.

7. Two distant relatives visit while you are preparing the evening meal. You:

Offer them light refreshments but apologise about not being able to invite then to dinner.
Invite them to dine with you and rustle some extra food.
Stop cooking and pray they won't stay long.

8. Your partner has to cancel your long-awaited holiday abroad for financial reasons. You:

Are supportive and assure him that you can take the holiday next year.
Grumble constantly.
Insist that you take the holiday on credit and pay up when business improves.

9. Your partner's grumpy aunt phones to announce her husband's death. You:

Express your sympathy and assure her that you'll be at the funeral.
Invite her to visit you for a weekend after the funeral.
Just manage to swallow your dislike and convey your condolences.

10. A new acquaintance asks if you will have her noisy boys for a night as it's her wedding anniversary. You:

Pretend that you are attending a late business dinner that night.
Tell her that you will be pleased to accommodate them.
Say you'll baby-sit while they go for a romantic dinner - but not through the night.

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