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1. You've been out all evening with friends and decide to get something to eat. You:

Go to the restaurant everyone else wants to go.
Suggest you all put the name of your favourite restaurants in a hat and draw one out.
Have a discussion, then choose an eating joint.
Demand that you all go to your favourite restaurant.

2. Your best friend has bought a new dress and asks what you think of it. You say:

That she looks like a beached whale in it.
That she looks OK, but you wouldn't be seen dead in it.
That it is an interesting choice.
That she looks perfect.

3. You've just finished dinner at a friend's house when the question of washing-up arises. You:

Grudgingly take a tea towel and help dry the dishes.
Suggest that you wash up all the dishes and your friend dries them.
Leap up and offer to do it all before the host has a chance to leave the table.
Put your feet up and eat all the after-dinner mints.

4. Your boss asks you to do a charity parachute jump for the company; you're terrified of heights. Your reaction:

You readily agree.
You resign.
You suggest you do something less taxing, like a sponsored walk.
You tell him you will help him canvas donations instead.

5. You discover one of your friends has a body odour. You:

Spray air-freshener on the back of his/her chair.
Buy him/her some deodorant for her birthday.
Tolerate it and say nothing.
Break it to him/her gently over a cup of tea.

6. You are going to a party with a group of friends and someone has to volunteer to drive. You:

Insist that you will drive.
Toss a coin for it.
Be adamant that you won't go if you have to drive.
Agree grudgingly to drive, but don't talk to anyone all evening.

7. You've been looking forward to watching your favourite TV programme all week. You've just settled down when a family member/roommate comes in and switches channels. You:

Storm out of the room.
Switch back to your programme.
Say nothing.
Explain how eagerly you have been waiting to watch this programme.

8. You decide that the romance has gone out of your relationship and you want to end it. How do you let your partner know?

You avoid him/her and stop taking his/her calls.
You ring him and tell him you never want to see him as long as you live.
You are too frightened to hurt him and would rather be unhappy yourself.
You break the news gently to him in person.

9. Your boss gives you so much work that you never get your lunch break. You:

Give the work to someone else.
Tell your boss you cannot cope.
Do it yourself without moaning, so your boss gives you even more work.
Refuse point blank to work during your lunch break.

10. Your new radio suddenly starts to crackle every time you turn the volume up. You:

Live with the crackle and hope it goes away.
Take the radio back to the shop and demand a new one.
Take it back to the shop and ask them to mend it.
Ask a friend to take a look at it.

11. Your colleague breaks an important piece of equipment at work. When your furious boss summons you to his office, you:

Accept the blame for your colleague's mistake.
Lie to cover up for your colleague.
Offer to buy him a drink so he cools about the incident.
Tell him who did it.

12. A relative gives you a horrible tea cosy as a gift. You:

Tell her it's the worst gift you've ever had.
Quietly give it away to someone else.
Say it's just what you have always wanted, even though you hate it.
Pretend you like it and make sure she sees you're using it every time she visits.

13. It's been several months since you lent a friend some money, and you want it back. You:

Get angry and demand it back with interest.
Are too polite to ask for it back, so you know you will never see it again.
Are disappointed that she/he doesn't remember, but gently remind your friend.
Wouldn't be in any such situation. You never lend money.

14. It's late at night and you get a phone call from a friend asking you to pick him up from the airport. You:

Agree to, even though you had eight consecutive late nights and have an early meeting in the morning.
Tell him to get a taxi.
Ask a mutual friend to pick him up.
Suggest he take the airport bus.

15. You've planned an early night, but the neighbours are having a noisy party downstairs. You:

Grab your party clothes and join them.
Put your head under the pillow and stay awake all night.
Ask them to turn the music down.
Call the police.

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