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1. On the average, I eat a serving of vegetables:

Less than once a day.
At least once a day.
Twice a day.
More than twice a day.

2. Given a choice you would prefer:

French Fries.
Mashed Potatoes.
Baked Potatoes.

3. Which among the following closely resembles your breakfast.

A sweet roll and a cup of coffee.
Cold, pre-sweetened cereals with milk, a glass of juice and coffee.
Eggs and toast, a glass of juice and coffee.
A natural whole grain cereal (such as oatmeal or porridge) with milk and piece of fresh fruit.

4. Following my evening meal, I have a dessert (such as cake, pie, or ice-cream):

Most of the time.
Only on special occasions.

5. Most of the protein in my diet comes from:

Red meat.
Full-fat dairy products (such as whole milk and cheese).
Chicken and fish.
A combination of chicken, fish, and/or a well-planned program of vegetable proteins(from beans, nuts and grains)

6. The refined white sugar in my diet:

Comes from what I put in my coffee, on my cereal, the desserts I eat regularly.
Comes from what is hidden in the processed foods I eat.
Is minimal.
Is little.

7. If I'm hungry and there's nothing except chocolates, munchies and peanuts, I'll have:

a chocolate bar.
a pack of munchies.
a bag of peanuts.
a plain glass of water.

8. The last time I had something like a Choco-Bar was:

I am having something like it right now.
When I was in college.
When I was in school.
I do not even know what a Choco-Bar is.

9. I eat potato chips:

Only at parties.

10. I consider fried and/or greasy foods:

A delicious part of my regular diet.
Okay to enjoy occasionally.
Something to avoid.

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