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Are you a good judge of People? Other Tests

1. Have you ever come to like someone that you initially disliked?


2. When you are choosing gifts for a close friend, do you:

Buy something that you would like yourself.
Buy something that you do not like but are sure that your friend will enjoy.
Buy something that friend needs.

3. Would you take most time and trouble over entertaining

Your closet friends?
Important business associate?
Critical relatives or acquaintances?

4. Do you ever find that your feelings have been hurt because someone you trusted has let you down?

From time to time.
No, because you are very slow to trust.
Yes, more often then you would like.

5. When someone you know well behaves in a surprising way, do you:

Take an interest in this new development?
Feel puzzled and at a loss to understand?
Think they must have gone crazy?

6. When you fall in love is it:

Often, then quickly lost.
Slowly and for a long time?
Something between a and b?

7. Do people take advantage of you?

No never.
Yes, But I do not mind up to a point.
I don't know.

8. Are your friends:

Very much like you in their life-style, habits and beliefs?
Mostly like you, though a few are different?

9. Do you find it hard to be critical of someone who is in a position of authority?

Yes, after all they would not be so eminent without good reason.
No, not at least in the privacy of my own thoughts.
Yes, at first, but once I really think about it I can be extremely critical.

10. If you had been in school with someone who is now famous, would you:

Make sure that everyone you meet knows?
Keep quiet about it unless it comes up naturally?
Try to renew the acquaintance?

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