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1. Which of the following personality types would you feel was closest to yourself?

An aggressive, pushy person determined to get things done at all costs. And generally manages to!
An aggressive and generally pushy person who likes to get things done, but is rather less successful doing so than he might have hoped.
A slightly aggressive and not overpushy type who enjoys getting things done but doesn't believe in letting them get him down.
An average, not particularly pushy type who still likes to make sure that work is done properly.
A quiet, withdrawn type who nevertheless knows what he wants and tends to get it.
A quiet, withdrawn type who couldn't care less whether work is done or not.

2. You are told that you are to be promoted in your job, which will involve considerable extra responsibility with a larger number of people under your supervision. Which of the following most closely corresponds your reaction to the sudden news?

Absolutely delighted to get the promotion.
Pleased to get the promotion.
Pleased, but rather surprised to get it.
Surprised and not as happy as you might be.

3. Which of the following most closely corresponds to your feelings about how you will handle the responsibilities of looking after this larger team?

Completely confident about your ability because you have never found the slightest difficulty in handling people before.
Confident and stimulated, but aware that there may be many complicated people and social problems to face.
Prepared to have a go as you feel it will teach you to handle people.
Definitely uneasy about the problems of coping with so many subordinates.

4. Imagine that you have to tell a subordinate in his twenties that he is likely to be dismissed. Which of the following tactics would you be most likely to adopt?

Invite him into your office and give him the news without drama.
Take him out to lunch, buy him few drinks and then tell him.
Write him a personal letter giving him the facts and ask him to see you if he wants to discuss it.
Break the news gently as you can, making up an excuse which you feel will help to preserve his ego as much as possible.

5. You are invited to give an after-dinner speech to an important group. Which of the following most closely approximates your response?

Accept willingly and plan an impromptu off-the-cuff speech which you know your audience will enjoy.
Accept willingly and plan to use the opportunity to put over some new ideas that you are eager to talk about.
Accept with reservation and decide to read a carefully prepared "formula" speech.
Refuse as the idea makes you quake.

6. In a working or social situation you badly want something done in a particular way. Do you:

Fight to get what you want done and press on until you get it, come what may?
Work hard on getting what you want done, compromising where necessary, but generally on minor points only?
Go for what you can get, but give way whenever you meet serious opposition?

7. By hypnosis it is claimed that one person can influence another in a highly unusual way. Which of the following do you think is the most likely explanation of this?

Hypnotism is probably a supernatural power.
The ritual in hypnotism is designed to make an already dominating person even more dominating.
Hypnosis is probably more a matter of applied psychology than anything else.
Hypnosis is a lot of bunk which is mainly play-acting.

8. Someone has asked you for advice on how to improve his/her ability as a leader. Which of the following would you be most likely to recommend him/her to do?

Cultivate some self-confidence by learning about his own strong points.
Take a "Dale Carneigie" - type self-improvement courses.
Learn to listen to other people carefully and become aware of social relationships.
Take a good course in elocution and public speaking.

9. Imagine you could observe yourself at a party or social gathering. In which of the following roles would you most likely be seen?

The center of a large conversational group, not necessarily doing the majority of talking.
Participating in a conversational group, not necessarily doing much talking, but steering it your way in accordance with your interest.
Drifting around form group to group picking up the conversation when it suits you.
Generally hanging around waiting for someone to engage you in a conversation.

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