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1. One of colleagues criticizes you. Would you:

Take it calmly?
Feel a bit defensively?
Feel very hurt and angry?

2. Do you react to interviews by:

Feeling terrified?
Feeling excited by the challenge?
Feeling nervous but hopeful?

3. Could you carry through an unpopular policy at work?

Yes, so long as you thought it right.
Only if you had no choice.
Probably not at all.

4. Which statement is most true for you?

I have a lot to offer in my work and I expect this to be acknowledged.
Sometimes I think I have a lot to offer, but I need to be reassured.
I am constantly afraid that my inadequacy in my work will be found out.

5. How often have you decided against buying something to wear, though you really liked it, because you thought it might be too young/too exotic/too noticeable for you?

A few times.

6. At a public meeting or lecture, you want to ask a question. Would you:

Take the first possible opportunity to stand up and ask?
Rehearse the words in your head, and come out with at last?
Never dare to ask?

7. You have to make a speech at an important meeting. Would you:

Make a few notes?
Write down every word?
Write down the main points, perhaps the opening and conclusion?

8.An interviewer from a local TV or radio station approaches you asking for your comments on an event. Would you:

Take the opportunity with gusto?
Refuse to speak?
Feel nervous, but willing to try?

9. If you found that you disagreed with a group of your colleagues about an issue at work, would you:

Make your standpoint clear to them?
Raise mild objections to their plan?
Keep quiet?

10. If the same sort of disagreement arose with your boss, would you:

Make your standpoint clear to him?
Raise mild objections to his plans?
Keep quiet?

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