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1. How did you react the last time someone of the opposite sex found you attractive?

Without surprise, because you saw it coming.
Glad, because you suspected it, but weren't completely certain.
With pleasant astonishment.

2. Do you think what kind of job you might have had if circumstances were different?


3. You are on the point of undertaking an important assignment, something you have not done before. One of your friends says casually, "I wish I had your confidence." Would you:

Accept the compliment?
Acknowledge that you don't feel completely confident, but that you are fairly optimistic?
Think, "if only you knew how nervous you feel"?

4. You have managed to take an afternoon off work, or away from home. Do you feel:

Great - you can really enjoy yourself?
Pretty good - but with twinges of guilt?
So guilty that the fun disappears?

5. Do you feel that other people don't appreciate your good qualities?

Not really.

6. Which of the following statements do you feel is most true for you?

I have a pretty good idea of my talents and I am using them pretty well.
Sometimes I think I could do better at some things, but on the whole I am generally quiet satisfied with my efforts.
I could do almost anything if I put my mind to it, but I don't get the chance I deserve.

7. When you have told someone who knows you well about your actions or feelings on a particular occasion, has he or she said, "I'd never thought it of you"?


8. When someone appears to dislike you, do you:

Accept philosophically that you can't win them all?
Wonder if you did something to offend him?
Think he must be jealous of you?

9. Do you fear that you will let others down, and disappoint their expectations of you?


10. Going through customs you are stopped and your bags are checked thoroughly. You have nothing contraband? Do you:

Feel a bit annoyed about the delay?
Think, "thank goodness I am clean"?
Feel tense and guilty as if you were in the wrong?

11. Do you daydream?

Not much.

12. When you have made a mistake at work, or ruined dinner at home do you:

Shrug it off and reckon that no one's perfect?
Need reassurance that it doesn't matter too much?
Feel really anxious and defensive.

13. When someone has annoyed you do you:

Feel angry for a while, then forget it?
Find it hard to shake off hurt and resentment?
Feel vengeful and take the pleasure in imagining terrible punishments for him?

14. You have to take an interview or test of some kind for which you are reasonably well prepared. Do you:

Feel a bit nervous, but ready to do your best?
Feel sometimes confident, sometimes nervous?
Have severe doubts of your competence?

15. If you are unhappy in your job or in your neighbourhood, do you:

Simply decide to go elsewhere and do it as soon as you can?
Keep changing your mind about what you do, but make a move eventually?
Feel trapped and unable to take action?

16. If you have put time and money into a venture which has gone badly, would you:

Figure out what went wrong in order to learn form it?
Determine to play safe in the future?
Think that it's just a bit of bad luck and things are bound to go better next time?

17. Do you feel that, whatever you do, someone will take care if you?

No - you have to reply on your efforts.
Only up to a point, you can't push people too far.
Yes, they generally do.

18. Do you feel that other people control your life, leaving you no say in what you do?


19. A friend quarrels with you on what you consider unreasonable grounds. Do you:

Tell him straight out how you see things?
Try to meet him halfway?
Feel hurt and angry but do everything you can to avoid a confrontation?

20. In the last two years, have about several people said something about your personality (complimentary or otherwise) that surprised you:

Not really
Not several people, but one or two.

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