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1. When a friend does something you very much disapprove of, do you:

Break off the friendship?
Tell him/her how you feel, but keep in touch?
Tell yourself it is none of your business, and behave towards him/her as you always did?

2. Is it hard for you to forgive someone who has seriously hurt you?

Even though you forgive, you don't forget.

3. Are most of your friends

People very much like you?
Very different from you and from each other?
Like you in some important respects, but different in others?

4. You are trying to work and concentrate, but the noise of children playing outside distracts you. Would you

Feel glad that they are having a good time?
Feel furious with them?
Feel annoyed, but acknowledge to yourself that kids do make noise?

5. If you were travelling abroad and found that conditions were much less hygienic than you are used to would you

Adapt quite easily?
Laugh at your own discomfort?
Think what a filthy country it is?

6. Which virtue do you think is most important?


7. If someone you dislike has a piece of good luck, would you

Feel angry and envious?
Wish it had been you, but not really mind?
Think "Good for him/her"?

8. A friend is suffering from depression. Everything in his/her life seems to be fine, but he/she complains to you that he/she always feels depressed. Would you

Listen sympathetically?
Tell him/her to pull himself/herself together?
Take him/her out to cheer?

9. When you meet someone who disagrees with your views, do you

Argue and lose your temper?
Enjoy a good argument and keep your cool?
Avoid argument?

10. Do you react to fussy old people with

Patience and good humor?
Sometimes with Patience and sometimes with good humour?

11. When young people question authority, do you ?

Feel uneasy?
Take it as a good thing?
Get annoyed?

12. If you stay in a household which is run differently from yours - in matters of tidiness and regularity of meals - do you

Fit in quite happily?
Feel constantly irritated by the chaos or the rigid orderliness of the place?
Find it fairly easy for a while, but not for too long?

13. Do other people's personal habits annoy you?

Not at all?
Only if they are extreme, or you are edgy?

14. Which statement do you most agree with?

We should not judge other people's action, because no one can ever fully understand the motives of another.
People are responsible for their actions and have to take the consequences.
Even if it is tough on some people, actions have to be judged.

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