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1. You have changed your hairstyle and are happy with it. However your friend hates the new look. You:

Find you've suddenly developed a few reservations yourself.
Ignore his/her review, pleasing yourself is what counts.
Ask a few other friends for their opinions.
Steer clear of him/her for a while; if you had wanted criticism, you would have asked your mom.

2. After repeatedly warning him/her, you fire an assistant who won't take direction. When he\she brusts into tears, you:

Remain blissfully unmoved - you're immune to blackmail of any sort.
Offer to help find a job for which the person is suited.
Hang tough, but feel uneasy and guilty for weeks.
Cave in and give her/him another chance.

3. In cases of office overload, you tend to:

Work harder.
Work both harder and more efficiently; you thrive on pressure.
Do what you have to and then fall apart.

4. You've become wildly infatuated with a married person. What happens next? You:

Don't do a thing, since you'd never steal someone else's spouse.
Plunge headlong into a passionate affair.
Stay away - the temptation would be too hard to resist.
Choose an experienced confidante with whom to discuss the pros and corns of getting involved.

5. You fall in love:

Rather easily.
Almost as regularly as you breathe!.
On the rarest of occasions: to your mind, being in love is a pathological state.
Only when presented with a sweetie who seems serious about commitment.

6. When attracted to someone, you generally:

Are about as subtle as a sledge-harmer on glass; halfway measures were never your style
Keep your feelings under wraps - at least until he/she makes a move.
Show your interest in discreet ways.

7. You end up having a one night stand with somebody whom you met at a party, but did not enjoy it. Your reaction:

Are mildly annoyed.
Decide the person must be nervous and in need of some ego-boosters.
Wonder what's wrong with you.
Worry that he/she might have some medical problems.

8. Now imagine your oldest, dearest friend accuses you wrongly of neglecting him/her. How do you respond?

With righteous indignation, of course.
Calmly reassure him/her.
Ask him/her to explain why the friend feels this way.
Assume the friend is having some problem and let it go at that.

9. Are the following statements true or false for you:
  a. Temperamentally, you swing between ecstatic highs and soul crushing lows.
  True   False   Undecided
  b. You take decisions quickly.
  True   False   Undecided
  c. You're a rock in times of crisis.
  True   False   Undecided
  d. You adore the sensuous feel of silk, satin and newly laundered sheets on your bare skin.
  True   False   Undecided
  e. In an upbeat mood, you enjoy getting out and about.
  True   False   Undecided
  f. You tend to bottle up emotions until you explode.
  True   False   Undecided
  g. Anger or embarrassment make you blush.
  True   False   Undecided
  h. You drink or smoke a lot.
  True   False   Undecided
  i. Rainy weather depresses you.
  True   False   Undecided
  g. You're not too competitive - never liked being challenged in sports or board games.
  True   False   Undecided
  k. You have no trouble doing two things at once.
  True   False   Undecided
  l. Whenever your partner is upset or depressed, you feel out of sorts too.
  True   False   Undecided
  m. You plunge into activities with enthusiasm.
  True   False   Undecided
  n. The more tired you are, the more prickly you become.
  True   False   Undecided
  o. Only rarely do you have trouble falling asleep.
  True   False   Undecided
  p. You're frequently irritated by other's lack of awareness.
  True   False   Undecided
  q. Most of your old beaus (ex-flames) are now good friends.
  True   False   Undecided
  r. Sad movies always make you cry.
  True   False   Undecided

10. And finally, the film star with whom you most identify with :

Hema Malini/Aamir Khan
Jaya Bhaduri/Ajay Devgan
Zeenat Aman/Shah Rukh

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