Today's need and one of the fundamental rights of every individual as enshrined in our constitution is - Education. To light the lamp of knowledge and spread this glow far and wide to encompass the whole nation is the aim and motivation of the government. At the first step is basic education, which falls into a certain pattern upto 12th standard. It is after completing this level higher studies come into play. At this point of time, the options available to each are numerous and the right choice plays a very important role in shaping the destiny and career of the student. Information about all available options and the right career guidance is necessary to the students - here delivers exactly this. At a click of the mouse - leads you to all available career options, a comprehensive list of all colleges and universities (government and private) with total details such as location, courses, course fee, nomenclature, track record etc. provides precise, continuos, concise and complete information to every aspiring student along with a list of innovative features like - online tests, career chats with renowned councilor, free email facility regular news bulletins giving a wealth of information about entrance exams, their forms etc. In a nutshell answer these questions -

Q1.Does the site provide comprehensive details of all colleges that offer higher indian education? YES

Q2.Does each college has its own independent web-site linked to the site? YES

Q3. Are links provided to similar existing sites? YES

Q4. Is this site registered in all search engines? YES

Q5. Does this site have facility for unlimited email access? YES

Q6. Are all the courses covered? YES

Q7 Does this provides online counseling / career guidance with renowned experts? YES

Disclaimer : We have tried to provide concise and complete information about educational Institutions and Universities in India. However the authenticity of the data provided is limited to the extent of documents supplied by the institutions listed herein.



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