Q1.What are the job prospects after doing Home Science ?
A1 The Home Science offers tremendous amount of opportunities and provides a treasure of knowledge on various fields. Undergraduate Level : Although it can be taken at the +2/PUC/Intermediate level (approved by many State Boards and CBSE), the student only begins to really learn about Home Science at the undergraduate level. This is because the practical training begins in printing, basic tailoring, interior design, cooking, dyeing etc. Students can chose to branch out into other fields, like fashion designing, interior decoration etc. or go on for a Masters in Home Science. There are more detailed courses in nutrition and dietetics, rural community extension, child development, family relations, textiles/clothing and so on. Those with creative minds as well as those with the hard-core scientific views can benefit from a Home Science degree. There are degrees such as the M.Sc in Dietetics/Food and Nutrition, which is designed for the applied scientist, while the 'creative' group can chose a career in textile designing or child-care or rural work. Most of the Masters' programmes require that the candidate has a B.Sc. degree in Home Science.

Q2.What are the Career Prospects and Future Projections ?
A2 The various jobs that Home Science can entail are:


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