Q1.What is the procedure to enter the field of Journalism ?
A1.Years back, training for not absolutely essential, but today, it does give an extra boost to the career. Most of the large newspapers and disciplines prefer to take on young graduates in any discipline, since they are eager to learn and innovative. Training on the job is of course a must, and that proves to be the best kind of education because candidates can see first-hand the insides and workings of the industry - the plus points and disadvantages etc. Even when in college, candidates should start begin working on a portfolio; send in articles to various publications and retain copies of published articles. There are numerous institutions that offer journalism in India at both the undergraduate (BA level) as well as post-graduate (Masters). Most of the courses last for about a year. The academic programme consists of courses in all sections of communication, print and electronic journalism. At the end of the course, many institutions give students the opportunity of doing an internship with a publication.

Q2.What is remuneration ?
A2.Remuneration Since journalists have so many different avenues open to them, it is not possible to give all the pay scales in each field, but the following table gives an idea about what journalists earn in a publication office (Newspapers, magazines etc.) The pay scales will vary according to place, reputation of publication, experience, skill etc. These values exclude the amount given for travel expenses. Most newspapers offer their journalists additional reading/paper allowance so that they can subscribe to other publications. This helps them remain up-to-date with the latest developments and events. Designation Pay scales (per month) Reporter Rs. 20,000 - Rs. 25,000 Senior Reporter/Chief Reporter Approx. Rs. 25,000 Sub - Editor Rs. 25,000 and above Assistant Editors/ Chief Sub Editor Rs. 30,000 and above Editor-in-Chief OR Chief Editor Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000 (with car and accommodation)


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